Layout Export to PDF linetype Issue. Please Help

When I export a page to PDF from Layout the dashed linetypes of my (site contour) lines are not displaying in the PDF. These lines were created from vector rendering a view from lines in Sketchup, then they were exploded, and ungrouped, then I changed the linetype to dashed in shape styles.

Can someone help me with this? I am missed something obvious? or is it a program error? I’ve love to attach screen shots of how they look in Layout and how they look in PDF, BUT the forum is limiting me to 5KB uploads?

Could you share the LayOut file either in the forum? Or via private message if you don’t want to put it out there for everyone. It would be useful to see what you’ve got and what happens when it is exported on a nother computer.


Thank you for your prompt response…

I figured out the problem. It turns out the linetype scale ( @2X) was too small to see on the pdf unless zoomed in really far—despite it looking correct in Layout. I had to crank it up to 10X to get to read ok in the PDF.

The really issue seems to be that the linetype scale changes as you zoom in and out in Layout. That’s a real bummer. It makes it difficult to work with linetypes in Layout. Difficult to get a sense of the graphic representation of a page without a lot of trial and error.

I think I need to hit the “Wish list” and ask Sketchup to make linetypes look the same graphically even while zooming in and out.

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I prefer that the line scales with zoom like everything else does so it changes as it would if you get in closer to the printed doc. It does take a bit of experience to know how it’ll print out in the PDF. You have to consider how large the paper in and how large your monitor is as well as its resolution. I frequently create plan docs that print on Arch E paper. It took a little getting used to working on a paper space that large with a smaller monitor. I’d love to have a monitor that big but I can’t afford it.


Respectfully, I don’t agree. When I am zoomed out in Layout to view the entire sheet of Architecturally sized paper my Layout dashed lines don’t looked dashed at all it scaled appropriately for printing. (10x) I can only tell that they are dashed if I start zooming in on the Layout page and watch them slowly change to dashed at the correct line type scale.

I think we are disagreeing about the same thing. :slight_smile: Seems odd to me that you would prefer it this way.

Layout is unique in doing this. Photoshop, Illustrator, AutoCAD don’t do this.


Here is a video on Youtube that I posted of what I am experiencing. Any other thoughts?

This discussion lead me to suggest that the zoom functionality could be added to the Preferences setting. Everyone works in their own way. I have previously posted about a Preference on pan vs orbit where I would rather use the shift key to orbit.

Agree with Tony2 This feature is a bit annoying but sometimes, it’s useful. We all have to understand that without that feature, you wouldn’t see your linetype scale most of the time because Layout have exaggerate graphic line on your screen and the thick line shown would give the impression dashed line are continous. The feature makes thing easier to work when you zoom a very thin line far away.

I learn how to live with it tho. To see finale result, I quickly create a pdf. It’s so quick to do it anyway compare to endless layout plotting in Acad.

You can still see the REAL linetype scaling when you zoom really close. At some point, the dashed line stop reducing. That’s where is your real linetype scale.

AutoCAD have a switch to quickly turn on/off the linetype scale visual. I use that switch very often.

For me I still see this and feel that this is a problem/defect…what say you?
Attached images & doc’s show this problem.


LO screen grab:

Export to .pdf:
Dashed_LineTest_06_11_2018_FullScale.pdf (18.9 KB)

LO file:
Dashed_LineTest_06_11_2018_FullScale.layout (13.0 KB);

How does the export compare to what you see when you set the view to Actual size?

After re-reading this post…and pondering a bit…I discovered that if Zoom is set to 100% (actual size) linetype scale displays in LO as it would in export to .pdf/print. (in my screenshot see Zoom @ 20%)
So, I guess “problem” solved.
@ Dave
PS…typing while you posted…


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Double checked all of what I stated above and only a minor clarification has to be made.
I had said the image above was @ 20% Zoom which it was but that is not equal to Extents or Zoom Page, Zoom page in this particular instance is more like 16.5% Zoom

Anyhow,I would expect when Zoom to page is selected, the line scale you see in LO would be representative of what one would expect to see on export to .pdf or for printing.
I have included some more pix to show the problem as I see it and would be interested in more discussion on the matter.

Thank you,

LO: Zoom to page adjusts/displays line scale larger than it will export/print. (unexpected result)

LO: Zoom to 100% accurately displays the line scale and export print will match.

.pdf export from LO with line scale matching the 1005 Zoom image.
Zoom_Scale_PageExport.pdf (8.6 KB)

LO FileZoom_Scale_PageExport.layout (6.4 KB)