Scale different in output

question.pdf (208.6 KB)

Hi, I am new to sketchup layout.
The jpg file is a screenshot of my sketchup layout work. that dash lines and hatch pattern are drawn in sketchup layout. rest model is exported from sketchup.
the pdf is the output of my work.
my question is why there is a scale different in dash lines and hatch pattern in the output. the scale is small in the output. please someone help me to fix this one.

Here is a screenshot from your PDF:

Looks a lot like your screenshot of the LO drawing.

Out of interest, why don’t you do the hatching in SU?

please see the rounded lines in your screenshot which was drawn in LO. they are not in same scale with my LO screenshot. the dash lines are bigger in LO and smaller in output screenshot.

Right, so your question is not actually about hatch patterns at all but about broken lines, right?

I don’t know why your PDF shows the doors as solid lines when the LO file shows them dashed. Again, I would probably have done the dashed lines in SU. How are you creating the PDF file? Are you exporting to PDF?

As usual, it would be more helpful to see your LO file than the PDF or a screenshot.