Have i done it wrong? SU to Layout for PDF

Hi Every one, just a quick hello, i am attempting to draw some plans for an extension on my property, i only need 2D after exceeding the free trial period, due to my google accounts getting hacked and all my data stolen, i am having to start again, i think i made the mistake of creating my drawings in Sketchup Pro and now cant get them to scale 1.50 in PDF Format, i think i should have done them in Layout? i am not experienced at all being a 67 year old ex Brickie no IT training all self taught so am struggling, any advise would be much appreciated. very best regards Geseppe.


You can export scaled PDF plans from sketchup pro.
but in order to do that, you must be in parallel view (camera > parallel projection) and pick a standard view (camera > standard views)
Then, when you pick export 2D to Pdf, go to options and you’ll be able to set the scale.

You can also do this from layout which is installed along sketchup pro, your trial period for it will match the one you have for sketchup pro.

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Thank you Paul, i will try that this afternoon, when i get back home, from Doctors, many thanks i will let you know how i get on?

Cheers Ges

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Hi Paul, can you tell me what settings to enter please
Screenshot 2023-03-01 pdf settings

many thanks

in the right column (scale) you have to enter 1 for output and 50 in SketchUp to get a 1:50 scale

Paul, you are my best friend for life lol, that worked a treat, and has saved me a shed load of work.

Many Many Thanks

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