Printing problems!

I have recently started using sketch up pro for work, I am a carpenter and i am using sketch up to draw floor plans. It has been amazing tool to use but I am having issues. When I have a drawing complete I need to communicate that information with clients and this is where my frustration happens. I have created a floor plan with dimensions etc and when I transfer to a PDF and try to print all the dimensions are clumped together and unreadable! How do I take my current drawing from sketch up pro to printable scaled drawing (1:50) that is legible!!?
Thanks in advance!!!
Mike :beers:

Dimensions and other text in SketchUp are sized based on pixels. You can change them to have a height in the model units but that’s still difficult to deal with in printing.

You should be using LayOut to dimension your drawings and then export the PDF. Te model will look better as will the dimensions and text. You can create multiple page documents and add other information such as text blocks, title blocks, and images to the LayOut file and then export as PDF. You can also choose the paper size instead of using only what your printer can print.