Problem and Question with Scale PDF

Hello everyone. So I’m trying to get my building to print to PDF to scale but when I go to the print option everything is completely blank… I uploaded an image below of what you see on my screen and I’m trying to get it on 3/32"=1’-0" scale which would have a scale factor of 128. Would anyone know how I can do this or fix this issue I am having?

I seem to remember that using another PDF printer than the Microsoft one would work better. Have you tried typing the scale numbers into the relevant fields?

You get more consistent results by sending the model to LayOut and setting up the page there and exporting to PDF.

yeh I have but it isn’t coming to scale… So i would type 1 in the printout and 128 in the sketchup section but the problem is even on the side the unit of measurement everything is blank for some reason… I’ve never seen it like this before it’s fairly strange

Also how would I send the model to Layout? I was thought this way to go on the printer setting for a particular scale

The Send to Layout icon is in the middle of your second row. If you have LO, you should defo use it for most printing jobs.