Faces issue, when selecting a face it extends beyond the bounding lines

Hi all, I’m having these face problems, and its driving me insane, I don’t know if some co-planer, style, scene, layer or multiple face issue or whats going on, any help would be awesome, I have looked through all the “face” related discussions but cannot find my exact issue.

Basically the faces are not being contained within there lines, sometimes i can draw a line over an existing line and it will fix that face, but other times nothing happens, even when drawing a rectangle over and existing rectangle.

I have tried a heap of things including some extensions to help, but nothing I have tried has helped.

Ive included my model below…
Face issues.skp (781.7 KB)

Its obviously imported from another program - what I would recommend is leaving all the lines in their own group and basically tracing over what you have with new geometry.

: all the text and furniture are on the same layer/group as the construction lines, so the outlines that create the “information” will keep merging with the lines that actually are useful to create the building.

Thanks gadget2020, this version was imported from Autocad, hmm interesting if that’s the issue, I did create the original in Sketchup, then imported a version into Autocad, so I have various versions that have been back and forth and some that have only stayed in Sketchup, so I will go back and check them all out.

Thanks for info.