Select is selecting surfaces outside of the bounds of lines I've drawn


I am trying to remove a surface that was created when I created a square with a line but when I select the surface I want to remove it selects the adjacent surface even though it is completely separated by lines.

I can’t seem to get Sketchup to recognize that they are different surfaces even after redrawing the lines that separate the areas multiple times.


If the line is in the same plane as the face, try to select both of them and do an intersection. You can upload a picture or the model if this doesn’t help.


Turn on Profiles if you haven’t already done so.
View > Edge Style > Profiles

Profiles make it easier to find the problem edges.
Those that have not melded/cut the face are then rendered as wider Profile lines.



Thanks for the info guys, I was able to fix the issue (not very elegantly) by undoing a LOT of changes I made until I got back to the point before the issue started popping up and drew the lines differently which seems to have solved my problem… again not the best/fastest way but it seems to have worked.