Select tool selects whole surface only

I created a big square and smaller squares on top of it. when trying to select any of smaller squares, Sketchup selects only the bigger square. what can be wrong please.

Are these smaller squares connected to the large ssquare perimeter by just one corner, one vertex?

If you upload the .SKP mode file (use the seventh icon from the left when replying), other users on this forum can down-load the model, take a look, and give specific advice. (If the file is too large or contains confidential portions, you might be able to delete all but the relevant parts and Save-As to a new file, and upload that.)

final shelter 23.skp (1019.1 KB)

If you check out my .skp file, I’m trying to cut out openings in the wall. I have already marked and draw the opening areas. That’s where my problem is. I can’t select the smaller rectangles on the top.

You have a lot of lines off axis. If you select Colour by Axis in the Style menu, you will see what I mean. Any line that is black has been drawn off axis and so Sketchup is not seeing all necessary lines as being in the same plane and cannot form faces.

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