Couple perhaps noob questions regarding surfaces interaction

So I picked up a 3d printer, so now, inevitably I am here trying to make stuff. I’ve used sketchup once before probably 10 years ago and forgot everything I thought I knew.

I don’t understand what’s going on here, I’m trying to select/manipulate the faces on the inside of this part, but they don’t exist? or at least aren’t selectable. Whenever I try to select or manipulate one of those panels, it grabs the outside piece instead. Any ideas?

Secondary question, is it possible to remove all of the vertical lines or are they necessary for maintaining the circle?

What’s the diameter of this thing? What steps did you use to create it?

148mm Diameter, created it by drawing circles and push/pull.

I’ve actually created two of them, using the same method. one of them turned out exactly how I anticipated (pictured), and the other one won’t cooperate.

It’s hard to tell from your screen shot but it could be just the small faces issue from using so many sides. It could be something else. If you used circles to draw this thing did you drag them out on axis?

Originally I drew them on the surface of the partial cube behind it in the last screenshot, then dragged it out by itself so it’s easier to manipulate. It will eventually be merged with the diagonal surface of the cross section. I’ll attach the STL (as that’s the only version I can directly download besides PNG) if that helps?Cube Grinder.stl (88.4 KB)

Download the .skp file. You can do that from SketchUp Free

Not in a manner that I can find. My export options are .stl or .png that will save to my computer, all other options are cloud based.

The save and save as functions don’t lead to a file landing on my hard disk…

Choose Download, not Export.

Well… now I feel stupid.

Cube Grinder.skp (378.8 KB)

It appears that you have the edge geometry in place for interior faces, but the faces are missing. What you’re seeing as the blue/gray color is the reverse of the outer faces, which you are selecting. You somehow (I don’t know how) deleted the inner edge curve faces.

Well, I don’t know how you got to that point. I’m curious about why your circles are exploded, too. In any case it was easy enough to fix. I deleted the face on the rim, then triple clicked on the internal geometry and deleted it, replaced the face on the top, offset and Push/Pull and fixed.

I’m not sure if I did exactly what you did, but tried to and accomplished the same thing. Thank you for the input!

Although I was not able to ‘un-explode’ the circles in mine…

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