Circles issue

Hello there! I think I´m experiecinga such a bizarre issue in Sketchup.

I have some circles drawn one “inside” other over a flat face, but I´m not being able to select only one face between the circles, because it selects all the faces at the same time (even the faces that are over the limit of the lines), as shown above:

This if the original SKP file. PrizeKJJ.skp (1.2 MB)

Does anybody has any idea about what´s going on here?

The circles you’ve created don’t divide the larger surface. The easy fix is to trace an edge segment on each circle to divide the surface.

A note about drawing circles. When you do, you should drag the radius out on axis. In your case you’ve dragged out the radius at some random angle. There should be vertices on the guideline which is parallel to the green axis.

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It looks as if you drew the circles separately, which put one face over another and another. I’d suggest deleting all the circles, drawing the widest circle, then using the Offset tool to place the other circles you need. That way, you’ll have only one face to work with and can select the space between two circles.

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In addition to @DaveR and @davidheim1’s suggestions, a quick fix is to simply recreate the circles from the outside in:


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