Problem selecting individual circles

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I will try explaining my problem…

I have this drawing which is made from multiple circles

And a little zoomed in

I want to select the thin circle.
But I can’t select it because it also select the thick circle around it.

And if I select the other circle it also gets selected

Why can’t I select the individual objects?

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Hi @jakobvj , can you upload the .skp file here?
That inner circle probably not enclosed tightly or above the surface a bit.

Is anything grouped? If so, that could play a role in what you select. Sometimes SU just focuses on the overlapping group when selecting something coplanar “underneath”.

Otherwise, if all geometry is in the same context, zoom in and select the circle.
If the adjacent face gets selected too, then hold [Shift] down and subtract the face from the selection (=click on the face with [Shift] down).

I see, you want to select the slim circular face!
In that case please upload / share the model to see how it is made. As @filibis suggested above.

Sure :slight_smile:
Here is the .skp file
Crokinole.skp (1.3 MB)

Use the ‘Line’ tool and draw over one circle segment per circle (or arc) to see that profiles (thick displayed edges) convert to thin edges that divide separate faces. It takes some redrawing of single segments but will eventually let you select individual faces.

How was this model created? Or was it imported?

See: 9f5f9bc7884cbfec6713080c1dc01dbb140f45b2.skp (1.4 MB)

I didn’t look at @Wo3Dan’s file but I have the same curiosity about how you drew it. Also the dimensions seem rather odd.

In anycase, I’m guessing you’re going to want to make this board 3D at some point. You’d find it easier to do if you draw the permimeter and extrude it. Then draw the other circles. Except for the small ones around the inner circle, I just use Offset to create the rings. Faces were separated automatically.
Crokinole.skp (1.4 MB)

I generally find it useful when working on round things like this to start at the origin. It gives you an easy center point to work from.

You can use Flatten to Plane and FaceFinder plugins. Note that FaceFinder didn’t give decent result at first, so i deleted the problematic face and run the plugin again.
See below .gif for demonstration:

Crokinole_edited.skp (1.3 MB)


I’m surprised nobody has purged the 3d printer component from this model yet.

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I was multi-tasking this morning and drew my version of the board while I was trying to get dressed to head out the door to work.

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I’m only guessing as I’m on my phone and haven’t looked at the model. But the 1.3/1.4 mb files are too large for the geometry shown and normally this is caused by the dynamic component used in the somewhat pointless 3d printing template. As you know Dave there are 25 pointless components that bloat the template.




Thanks for all the replies :slight_smile:

Its not for 3d printing.

I made the model, starting with the first inner circle. The worked my way out

It is better to set the number of segments to a multiple of twelve e.g. 12, 24,48,96, etc. and, after clicking for the center, drag along an Axe (Red, Green or Blue) this way, divisions get divided on vertices or (end and mid) points. It keeps SketchUp away from drawing-tiny-edges-problem.

When you draw a circle, type the wanted radius and then draw another one, don’t use offset.

9f5f9bc7884cbfec6713080c1dc01dbb140f45b2.skp (221.4 KB)

I thought a circle was a circle. Learn something new every day :wink:

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Not in SU. It’s always displayed as a polygon with a number of edge segments specified by the user (default 24).

It has internal ‘metadata’ that so long as the circle isn’t split by being joined to other edges maintains a record of the radius.

So when a SU drawing is exported as a 3D model (but not as 2D), to DWG format (Pro feature) it exports whole circles and arcs as ‘true’ circle objects for AutoCad.

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