Selecting multiple segments

I have a large circle with multiple segments that is connected to other things. I need to select it for the follow me tool. I can’t isolate it so as to select them all - much more would be selected. I thought I saw someone do that in the past but cannot recall. Is there a trick? or do I have to do it one at a time?

You could try to Window select them - orbit and zoom if necessary to get them into a suitable place. Or select them one at a time, then use a Weld plugin to make them into a curve which you can subsequently select with one click on it.

Double clicking the circle face will also select all perimeter edges.


Can you share the .skp file, or a relevant part of it? It’s hard to know quite what the problem is.

Is it the circle itself you want to use as the face for FollowMe, or do you want to use it as the path?

In either case, you could make a new component circle the same size and position, and make it a component, then open it for editing and put a a copy of the path (or the face if the circle is the path) in the same context, then run FollowMe

Thanks for the quick comeback.
maybe it was the weld feature i was thinking of, but then I still have to select each one. The dbl click does not work all the time. It works on something simple but won’t work on this drawing.
a new component is probably the best answer but every time I make a circle it never fully matches one I am trying to duplicate because of the segments.

I usually do a copy paste and delete everything I don’t want to make it exact. Works most of the time.

When you break the circle (connected to other things as you say), there should be multiple arcs and you can simply select them with single left click. If you somehow ‘exploded’ the arcs, then you can make a selection window (from left to right). See below gif:


But learning a bit more on how to model to exact dimensions would save you all that trouble… most of the time.

For now:

  • holding down [Ctrl] when selecting entities will add to the selection.
  • holding down [Shift] will add to, or subtract from the selection. Depending on if something was already selected.
    Try it on some simple edges.
    So you can copy exactly what you want or what you need for other operations like ‘Follow Me’.

yes I have those tricks. The problem is, it was a circle with 120 segments.
A bit tedious to select them all one at a time.

my problem was I had a circle within a circle at close range. It was easier to recreate the circles to make them whole. But I have to keep watching that gif to figure out what you are doing there.It looks like a right swipe, then left, then right again reconnects the curve. Got to try that. It may come in handy.

I just demonstrate how different selections behave (from right to left and left to right), it’s not a step.
Check this: Selecting Things . It’s for Layout but applies to SketchUp as well.

OK, that is why I wasn’t aware of it - it doesn’t exist.
I have all the moves - it is just that my selection issue didn’t yield to anything but one-at-a-time.

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