Specific Selection on circles, ngons, square or rectangle


let’s say there are 2 types of circles.

Circle A (has a radius of 2cm and 12 segments)
Circle B (has a radius of 4 cm and 12 segments)

now if there are a dozen of them on one model, then I would want to select Circle A and use some tool that allows me to select all of the circles that are similar as Circle A. OR I can do same for Circle A.

It can be applied to square, ngons, or rectangle where they have exactly the same length, size, or amount of edges/segments. I could use the selection tool to select one similar shape (meaning I can select all of the other similar shapes by using the selection tool).

I hope this can help you understand the problem I am having right now. if there is a plugin that can do this or a feature where Sketchup can do this.

i appreciate your help with this. so Thanks in advance.

make each a component, then you can go to components palette and select all instances of it.

I have heard of it. unfortunately, that’s not the solution. Sorry.

here’s a good example:

You can see there are holes on the shape (can be vehicles or objects). The complex shape I have has more than 2 types of holes with different shapes, but there are dozens of them all over the shape. What I would like to select either one of two shapes, “A” or “B” or “C” so on and on.

but it’s part of the shape where the component or group is not possible to use.

Thom Thom’s Selection Toys probably comes as close as there is to what you want. It has options to select circles, polygons, and n-gons among many other entity types.

In your example the holes could be cutting components, so @whiterabbitdesigncompany 's suggestion works.


Can you tell me if the Selection Toys have a way to do what I am seeking to select these shape… I have looked at these youtube of using Selection Toys, I can’t find the one I am looking. I want to check to see if I am missing something about the Selection toys

I don’t know it was used like that way :thinking:

Is there a way I can select one circle and turn them into a component?

I already have a dozen of one circle? what i mean is there a way to turn all of them into component by selecting one circle?

I’m thinking you’ve left it late to make these circles components and are now working backwards to get the result you want.

I’m guessing you want all the circles to be instances of the same component definition? That is possible but will take a little work.

First, make one of the circles a component and name it “circle” or something that you can identify it easily. Then make each of the other circles already in the model a different component, don’t bother with names it wont matter.

Then select all the circle components apart from “circle” the one you did first. With them selected go over to the “in model” component window and right click the “circle” component thumbnail. From context menu select “replace selected”. What will happen is all the circle components you had selected will now become instances of the “circle” definition, tying them all together. You can purge the other circles from the “in model” components if you wish, you won’t need them anymore.

I appreciate this is a long way round, but it’s a way I thought of doing it without having to move or re draw any of the existing circles.

If you create circles as components, replacing them with a smaller or larger radius will not always give the wanted result if the components axis are not centered. (this applies to beams, as well):

Note that I first selected the perimeter and the face of the circle, made it into a component and then removed the face to create the hole.

try “composwapper” by rick wilson. If you have a number of instances that have different component names you can use this plugin to reassign their names. Once you are in the tool, alt+click the component you want and then control click on each of the others ( if they are not yet components you can select them and make components of them - they will all have unique names), then ctrl+clicking on them will assign them the same component name as the first alt+clicked. Once they are all the same you can mass select them as noted before from the component palette.