Easier way to select multiple connected line segments?

Is there an easy way to select multiple connected line segments? For example, you can see that I’ve started selecting individual segments on this jagged inner “circle”: https://i.imgur.com/KIJ0TjB.png

To select the entire circle, I would need to carefully click on dozens of segments. Is there an easier way? The circle was created using the offset tool.

This is in Sketchup Make 2017.

Double click on the face inside the ‘circle’, then another click on face to unselect it while hit Shift.

And use a plug-in from SketchUcation to recreate the circle from the straight circle-edge segments. It’s called Lines to Arc, and installs on the Extensions menu as ni/Lines to Arc.

Lines to Arc apparently requires all the line segments to be of the same length.

Yes, it does. But it doesn’t need a full circle.

You can deselect any split or short edges and it will connect the rest.

All of the line segments are different length, so I’m still confused as to how this should work.

The extension that @john_mcclenahan is referring to Only reforms circles and arcs that are made of equal length segments. It is specifically made for that and will give them back their specific entity info id circle and arc. Other mixed segment length circles, arc and curves etc can be Welded using any one of several weld extensions. Once welded they will be called ‘curve’ and not have the extra info associated with circles and arcs. Weld is a native tool in newer versions.

I’m sorry that I hadn’t previously noticed the link to your image, and didn’t realise you weren’t starting with a circle, just an irregular perimeter of a roughly circular shape.

As @Box said, you can select all the edge segments, and create a Curve from them, but not a circle.