How to be able to select whole arc after dividing in to much smaller segments?


My goal is to use ‘path copy’ properly. The problem I was having is that the arc I was using the tool on had too few segments, therefore not making the array of shapes uniform around the arc but rather in bursts of straight lines. I know how to divide the arc however am not sure how I can select it as a single entity when it comes to use the ‘path copy’ tool. I have tried making it a group but then the ‘path copy’ tool doesn’t work.

Would be really grateful to anyone that can help.


arcs usually are selectable with one click. Is yours broken into segments? You can use a weld plugin like TIG-weld to make it a connected curve.

Yeah I wasn’t expecting this problem. I just used the divide function and then selected 100. Thanks for the suggestion, I will use that plugin if there isn’t a built in option to sketchup that is more simple.

You can always select an arc (if you have not exploded it) and increase the number of segments in the Entity Info window.

To add segments to an arch you can select it and change the segment count in the Entity Info window.

Thanks to both of you. That’s great

If you need to increase the number of segments in an arc or circle, change the number of segments in the entity window and it will remain an arc. An arc that is connected to other geometry might not be changeable, but for these purposes you could copy it out. The divide commands breaks it into separate edges.

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Thanks all again haha!