Welded a curve but it won't divide into segments


Looking for some help, I have created a curve by connecting about 5 separate 2 point arcs together and used the pluggin weld to join. It now won’t allow me to divide this in to segments.

Anyone know what i need to do?

What do you mean by dividing it into segments? How are you trying to do that?

Thanks for the reply Dave, on a mac so if i right click on the curve it usually give a “divide” option but now i have welded it that option is gone.

…if i “un weld” then the individual 2 point arcs will divide but i lose this option when the arcs are welded…???

Divide in this case only works on what SketchUp identifies as an arc. Your multiple arcs welded together aren’t an arc.

Is there a way of making them an arc? or do i need to re draw with bezier then divide

An arc is part of a circle. If the arcs you’ve drawn all have the same radius and the same center location, just draw one arc and divide it. If the arcs don’t have the same radius and same center then the overall curve can not be an arc.

You might be able to use a Bezier curve and use the Polyline divider. Hard to tell considering I have no idea what you’re drawing and what you’re trying to wind up with.

all seperate radius, i just want to divide into 5mm spaces but it won’t be that precise always over or under and i dont know how to measure the distance around a curve to make it precisely divisable. Think i will give up. Thanks for your help dave, much appreciated.

Try the plugin BezierSpline. This plugin does a lot, so click on the more info button for its forum thread. And be sure to read the PDF instructions. One of its options will let you divide a polyline equally.

The plugin will let you prep a curve with whatever tools you want > select that curve > r-click and convert to a bezier-ready polyline with options to convert to the other bezier options offered by the plugin, again by r-clicking on selected curve.

The above plugin allows you to convert to poly line, then to polyline divider to make equal segments.

I have downloaded this pluggin but have no idea how to install it (on mac with Sk up make 2015). I am afraid the instructions make no sense to me.

need help…

I assume you have a file downloaded that is a .RBZ archive ??
From here ? SketchUp Plugins | PluginStore | SketchUcation

Installing Extensions/Plugins in SketchUp is very simple [at least since v8M2].
Open SketchUp > Preferences
Find the Extensions tab and open that.
On that pane you should see a button ‘Install Extension…’
Click on that and follow the prompt-dialogs…
Find the RBZ and SketchUp installs its contents for you into your Plugins folder.
When prompted answer in the affirmative…
When it’s completed the Plugin should be installed and loaded…
Use the usage guidance from it’s thread: [Plugin] BezierSpline - v2.2a - 22 Apr 21 • sketchUcation • 1
Including the PDF files that can be got from there…

‘This is one of Fredo’s few plugins which doesn’t also require his Lib installing, although it does need a helper file LibTracductor.rb’ which comes inside its RBZ and is also installed for you…

Yes, just downloaded BezierSpline_v1.7c.rbz…this does not appear in the install extensions menu

There is no Install Extension menu. Click on the Install Extension button and navigate to where you saved the file you downloaded.

It will NOT appear in the ‘installed extensions’ list, until you have actually installed it.
An RBZ file is a special sort of ZIP archive [renamed], it contains all of the files and subfolders of files needed by each Extension to load and work, these are loaded as SketchUp starts, if it is a new installation the RBZ installer should also load the file afterwards.
Getting an RBZ does nothing until you install it too…

On the Preferences > Extensions pane is a button named ‘Install Extension…’,
when you click on that you should be prompted with a file-browser, to find the RBZ - so find and select that…
OK and off the installation process goes.
Note that you will need to navigate through the file-browser to where you saved the RBZ file.
If it is in your Downloads folder, then perhaps moving it to your Desktop would make finding it easier.
SketchUp is not clairvoyant - you need to tell it what you want to install and where the file is…

After the installation completes, it does no harm to restart SketchUp, e.g. just to be sure it’s fully set up…

I can’t find the file, in spotlight it tells me that it’s a sketch up doc and it’s “other” but i just can’t find it anywhere

You didn’t pay attention to where it got saved? Try downloading it again and watch where it is getting saved on the computer.

Since you mention Spotlight, I assume you are on a Mac (please fill out your profile!). Do the spotlight search, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the results where it says “Show all in Finder”, and click the Finder icon in the right panel. Using Finder you should then be able to tell exactly where the file went. Note: unless you modified it, the usual default is your Downloads folder.

Got it! Thanks for all your help. Really appreciate it.

Ok so i have the pluggin, what i want to do is divide this line (made from 2 point arcs) in to equal 50mm segments…is that possible?