Divide existing arc into equal segments

Hello everybody,

I’m a Dutch student and currently doing a school project involving SketchUp. However, I got stuck on something, so I hope this forum might have some suggestions on how to tackle this.

I want to create a kind of grid around my building. However, my building has an irregular organic form. The floors I’ve made would be the horizontal lines of my grid.

The vertical lines I would like to be about 2-4 meters apart and them to start at the base of my building and run al the way up to the top. My base is comprised out of several bezier curves. So, how can I divide these several bezier curves at my base all into equal segments as the starting points for the vertical lines of my grid?

Does anybody have any suggestions?

example model.skp (2.7 MB)

Do you want to get something like that?

That’s exactly what I was looking for! Thank you for replying so fast. How did you do that?

I used the plugin Fredo6: Bezier Spline

To ease your work, keep lines and faces in layer 0, and then goup them, and then assign this group to a new layer.

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Thank you!!!