Create Equal segments on Ellipse (Building Radius Stair)

I have an Ellipse and I want to create equal segments that represent a stair tread. The walk line needs to be every 10.25", but I cannot measure 10.25" on the ellipse and I cannot divide it…

Any insight will be helpful

Here is where I am,

Here is what I am trying to create

Here is my file

Wilderman Stair.skp (103.1 KB)

Fredo Spline or Fredo Bezier Spline

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thank you. that was a huge help and much appreciated.

Note that the steps in the selected area do not look good. This is due to the interpolation of curves on polylines by SU and it is sometimes difficult to catch the right angles. A better way in my opinion will be to model straight stairs and then use Flowify or Shape Bender

I really struggle with Flowify. I cannot figure out how to make the connections.
Flowify.skp (78.9 KB)

Don’t rush, work orderly and first… learn from the many tutorials available on YouTube about how to work with Flowify.

I understand Didier Bur’s ArcCircles extension (Sketchucation) can draw ellipses with equal segments.