Help with modeling elliptical staircase railing

Hello! I use Windows 64-bit and Sketchup Pro 2022. I need some help modeling a railing for my staircase. I already modeled all the steps, but am stuck on the railiing. I would like it to wrap around smoothly around the staircase like so:

Currently its looking like this:

I extruded the railing upwards but I’m not sure how to make that spiral effect. I couldn’t really make all the steps components because i realized they had slight variations one from the other so I just extruded them as is from the floorplan.



To achieve this, consider these options:

  1. Draw a guideline along with the railing profile. Then, use the Follow Me tool to seamlessly create the geometry.
  2. Another approach is to employ extensions like TrueBend. Start by sketching a straight stair with the railing, and then apply the bend for an elegant spiral effect.

For a more in-depth guide with step-by-step examples, check out this video:

Hello! I’ve been trying to follow along with that video but most steps require all the steps to be of the same component. All my steps are in groups. Is there a way to just cut the extruded railing at an angle that matches the curve of the steps?

I would try drawing a path along the treads, perhaps using a Bezier curve tool.
The path should make an adequate railing with follow me.

Certainly, components offer the most efficient way to accomplish this.

I’ve provided an example to illustrate how components can essentially “automate” the modeling process for stairs and railings.
Stair.skp (266.5 KB)

When I have to create complex stairs I usually use the plugin flowify, I watched a video from tutorials up a long time ago and it became my favorite method to create that kind of stairs.
I didn’t find the exact video that I watched, now I’m not even sure if it was from tutorials up, but I found a pretty good one.

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Fredo’s CurviShear and Eneroth’s Upright Extruder.
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