Follow Me / Upright Extrude won't work on railing

Hello! I’m trying to make a railing like the one in the picture below. I have the staircase modeled and the 2D railing laid out, but Upright Extrude doesn’t seem to want to play nice. Is there another addon I can download or a way to do this differently? I’ve included my Sketchup model.

Railing.skp (373.6 KB)

Why not normal follow me?
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I’m talking about the guard, not the railing. It should be from stairs to 3’ AFF.

Do you mean something like this?
GIF 13-03-2022 3-48-43 PM

Yes, exactly! Thank you! I’m searching for Extrusion Tools but can’t find it on the Warehouse. Can you share/link the extension?

Not available in the extension warehouse, comes from the much earlier Sketchucation Store.

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Thank you; that was extremely helpful. Is there a way to do the underside of the stairs? I have the outline of it:
Railing2.skp (553.3 KB)

If you mean to enclose it, extrude tools is a good option but you need to sort it out a bit as the stairs themselves are too big for the sides.
One of several options I can think of.
Extrude tools will only work with curves, and they need to do exactly what you want. So I have welded the two ‘Rails’ the curved part of the stairs so they are two single curves. The single edges either end I divided in half and then welded together to make each into a ‘Curve’. Then extrude edges by rails will work.
Edges by Rails

As an aside, You should keep things close to the origin, unless they are specifically positioned to fit something else. You appear to be working in Parallel Projection mode, this really should be kept for outputting 2d images, the usually modelling method is Perspective. and Profiles in the edges style can be useful for some things but can also slow your model down and make it harder to pick edges.