Regular segment lengths in bezier curves

I am trying to make Bezier curves where the segments of the curve are all the same length, does anyone know how to do this, or where would be an appropriate place to ask, im new to using the forum

Are you using one of the Bezier Curve plugins ?

(Must join free membership to download)
Fredo also has quite a few other useful plugins.

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One of the many options with BezierSpline is making equal length segments.

thank you so much for your responses,
ok so I downloaded Bezierspline from sketchucation, I got it to do what im looking for, is there a tutorial available for the plugin? I can see how this thing can do a lot, its a little overwhelming to look at

Each plugin at SketchUcation has it’s own topic thread (in the “Plugins” forum.) That would be the best place to ask specific plugin questions because it was started by the author, and he’ll get a notification of any activity in it. (It may already be answered there.)

You can discuss plugin specific questions here, in the Extensions category, (I suggest prefixing the title with “[BezierSpline]”.)

You might do a YouTube search, also.

PDF instructions and quckcard - Fredo6 is real good about documenting his plugins. Join the SketchUcation forum for free to download stuff and view images.