Imported Shapes: Can you reduce the No. of Segments?

I drew a molding profile in another program (Rhino 5), then exported it as a SketchUp file, then imported it into SketchUp. Is it possible to reduce the number of segments in this imported shape, similar to how SketchUp allows you to reduce (or increase) the number of segments that represent a circle drawn in SketchUp?

If not, does anyone make a nice plugin that allows you to draw precise Bezier curves in SketchUp?


Fredo’s Bezier Spline has a Bezier Curve tool and it also has tools that allow you adjust curves to simplify them. You can get it via the Sketchucation Plugin Store.

To name some. You can use “Simplify Contours” Extension, or “Simplify Curves” function in “Edge Tools” Extension.

Josephkim thanks. I installed the extension, but I was only able to access it through the “Extensions” menu. Is there no toolbar icon for this extension? Just wondering.

No. There isn’t…(20 character limit)

The majority of plugins/extensions don’t have toolbars. If you think you’ll need to access it frequently, create a keyboard shortcut for it.