Help with Bezier Curve

Greetings All,

I am really struggling with the concept of bezier curves and the fredospline plugin. No matter how many videos I watch or attempts to make something, I just dont seem to be “getting it”.

I have attached an image of my rough attempt to make a somewhat “s-curve” to replace the existing curve that I made with the 2point arc tool.

I am trying to make the line selected be a nice, uniform s curve that sweeps into the straight line of the rectangle shape that it terminates into, in a pleasing to the eye fashion. Not sure how to explain it better.

I have attached a photo of what it is going to end up being so maybe that will help.

Headed to the CNC shop to cut out the formwork but I am not satisfied with the current disjointed nature of my design due to my inability to make it like I want.

Hopefully this makes sense. I know it is an easy thing to do, I just cant figure it out.

Please and thank you for your help.


help with bezier.skp (200.4 KB)

Use the bezier nurbs and add more segments if you want a smoother curve.

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thanks, i am currently playing with that, but I must be a bit stunned, as I just can’t seem to manipulate it the way I want.

Would something like this do more what you want?

I set up a guideline along the back of the wall and another parallel to it but running through the corner. Then I used the Bezier Classic in FredoSpline and set the intermediate control points along those guidelines. Their locations along those guidelines adjust the suddeness of the direction change.


Yes, that is pretty much exactly what I want, and I was just able to make it happen on my end!

Thank you both so much for your input, I appreciate the help!