Help on Modelling curve shape

Hi everyone,

I’m a newbie here. I’m working on a school project, and I just started sketchup for a few months only. I want to make a model like the in picture, but I’m not sure what tools to use. I’m trying out the helix along shape curve but it doesn’t seem to work. It’s like the shape of the infinity symbol. Please help if you know how. Thanks so much!

If I was going to tackle that shape I would use Bezier Curves. This is a quick concept version. By creating a framework you get somewhere to place the control points. This is two curves starting and ending at the same points but with a spiral of control points at the midpoints of the edges going in opposite directions around the frame.
Bezier frame


Thanks so much for this. I just downloaded the extension. Just having a hard time shape the frame path. It’s a bit tricky, I guess. The one you made is precisely what I’m trying to do.

It’s really just a matter of laying out the shapes you want then using wireframe mode to get just the edges.

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Can you show how to draw the curve with Bezier Curves? Thank you!

Based on Box’s version, with FredoSpline (it is similar for Bezier Spline)



Triumphal Arch Sketch 3

Thanks so much for your help! I was able to submit it on time. lol. The corners are just not as smooth as yours though. I need to practice more.