Using BezierSpline to create this piece?



I’m trying to create this piece of ■■■■-pit but I don’t know where to start at.


You can create contours (outlines) of that object with BezierSpline plugin.
Then create ‘skin’ from that contours with Curviloft plugin.

Also there is Bezier Surface plugin which might be useful.


Alright. I’m about to go to bed. Going to try it tomorrow so if I need any help with that, I’ll let you know.


Alright, I download the BezierSpline_V1.9a,rbz and installed that plugin for SketchUp! Thank you. Sorry I’m new to this lol. Where would I start from using this tool?



I assume the dash is what you are trying to model?
If that is the only pic you have then some guessing is required although what you have maybe close enough.
Copy your pic as import as a photo texture to Su, when you do than you will see red, green, blue bars you can then try and align to edges in the pic, that may be close but not exact because of pics. You can also set a possible axis location ( R<G<B), you will then have to select some item in the pic you know size off and scale pic. If you are lucky then you will have some references to use the spline curve to try and model. In that tool set I would try the f spline first since that uses the control points on the edges vs the others.
Before doing all this you should read the help on photo match and the spline plugin so you have some idea what you are doing.
Good luck


Oh okay. Not the dash itself but that piece that holds the dash. That’s what I’m trying to model.


Here is a quick rough demo of how you could use the bezier curve and curviloft plugins to create the shape you are after.


I learned some things using this tool, but trying to get it exact like in that other screenshot. Having a bit of struggle.


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