Line plugin to curve edges?

I’ve been looking for a plugin or some other easy operation that can turn line segments on a flat plane into something resembling Bezier Curves. It would certainly speed up my project work-flow. This is an example of what I have now vs what I would like… but I really have tried to find something along these lines on my own. A little–more like a lot–of elbow grease using the Bezier Curve tool and the Arc tool will of course net me the same results… hah… I’d just like to retain my sanity.


Plugin 'example'?


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have a look at Fredo6’s Bezier Curve Tools…


I suggest Curvizard plugin. Smooth Contour feature is what you need.

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Thanks! I’ll look into that right now. This darn project will be the end of me!

I watched the associated video outlining the use and operation of the tool, however, I must be doing something wrong.

Here is my result (pink) vs the contour I had already generated.


Any ideas?

Ok, so… I think I figured it out. The 12 degree angel that was demonstrated in the video I had watched, which seemed to apply a fairly decent amount of curvature, was less than what my current curvature is. So, now I guess I’ll have to fiddle around with 0.5 degrees cuz that’s the next level of significantly noticeable curvature I guess… If I can get it to process that level of curve in the first place.

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