SU 2022 - Divide Arc Into Segments is Missing?

I just upgraded to 2022 - when I draw an arc and right click to divide into segments - the option is missing? Is this a bug - or did I forget something?

In earlier versions this ‘Divide’ was an option indeed, not anymore.
But if you are dealing with an arc (or circle), you can try increasing (decreasing) the number of segments in/trough ‘Entity Info’.

Earlier in the week I created a bug report about the missing Divide option. Don’t know yet when an update will have it fixed.

BTW, the couple of ways of changing the number of segments is a different thing. I’m not sure of the use cases, but with Divide you can break an arc or a circle into a set of connected arcs.

Thanks - I just need to take an arc (or circle) and divide it into a specific number of segments. I hope they get it fixed soon. Until then - I am back to 2021.

Thanks - I was hoping this would be a workaround until they get the bug fixed - but changing the segments in the Entity Info does not create end points at each segment - if just changes the smoothness of the arc/circle.

How are you using the arc and the divisions? Is it just a temporary bit of geometry?

I use it to layout curved row seating in auditoriums where the seats need to align to aisles on each end and the seat width remains constant. I take the arc length from aisle to aisle - divide it into an even number of segments - just larger than the seat width. Place the seat on the end - and then use the rotate duplicate to copy the seat along the remaining arc. After the seats are placed - I delete the arc line.

The new tangent locking feature in 2022 might be another way to get what you want. That is, instead of making a longer arc and dividing it, you would make a shorter arc, then make the second arc tangent locked to the first arc.

I see. You could do that without the arc if you wanted to.

Always looking for an easier way - but the spacing between the chairs is different for every row…

If you look carefully at the first row - you can see the arc divided into segments - which I used to space the seats. The next row has different spacing - and the next, etc.

How do I do that?

Make a radial array with the first copy of the original seat at the far end and use /n where n is the number of additional seats for the row.

In this example I roate the first copy through the angle from the first seat to the last and then divide the array. First and second rows are /5 to leave 6 chairs total. Next is /7 and the back row is /8.


Thanks Dave - I will give this a try.

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Hopefully it’ll work well for you. If you don’t know the exact number of seats for the row you can experiment. Here, after creating the first copy in the back row I change the number of seats until I’m satisfied with the spacing. As long as you don’t select a different tool or something you can continue to change the number of copies until you get what you want or get bored.