Arc and Circle problems

When I go back to delete or alter a 2 point arc or circle that I have previously draw, sometimes they have split into the individual sides and sometimes not.
How can I ensure that all arcs and circles remain as drawn and not separate into separate sides. This is especially annoying when I have increased the sides to a higher number to achieve a smooth curve. I then have to group them back together with the select tools before I can delete or move said curve.
Any help would be much appreciated

As far as I know if you draw an arc is by default only one segment. It gets divided in segments if there is a line or another arc intersecting, it also gets divided in segments if you draw an arc above an existing one and the number or if any of the segments is not overlapping exactly, sometimes you have to zoom in to appreciate this. You can turn endpoints visible through styles window to check if an arc has been divided in segments or it hasn’t

That makes sense

Once exploded circles no longer carry the attributes of a circle ( which can be seen in the entity window) among other things you can no longer “find their center” by the context menu or change their segment count. Arcs, unless exploded should be able to have their segment count altered in the entity window. The only way to ensure they remain in their original state would be to group them once drawn but that may not be good for general drawing practice? A broken circle’s segments can be “welded” back together but it will not regain the SU properties of a circle.

also ni lines2arc ? plugin which I believe redraws an exploded arc