How do you join line segments?


why do my arcs have exploded lines and the circles don’t? How can I make arcs that have locked together lines? In this example I want my horn button to be smooth and all the circles to be smooth but as you can see some of my circles have lines to. I don’t know what causes it. I know if you select a circle- right click- explode curve, it will draw lines on the surface like this but in this case I want to prevent it. I can’t figure out what I’m doing different to trigger it sometimes but not all the time???


You can smooth any geometry using the Smooth/Soften command.


Are you referring to exploded line work or a solid? for sure the soften/smooth edges as @TheOnlyAaron is showing is a fix for solids but did you run into this problem on an exploded arc? i see that exploding curves is possible but there is no going back without the help of a plugin. I wonder if there is a ruby script to restore an exploded curve…


Yes, that was for smoothing surfaces. if you need to “re-join” an exploded arc or circle, you can use Weld.


Note, however, that weld does not restore a circle or arc to its pre-explode condition. It strings them together as a single generic curve, but does not rediscover the original center or radius and does not add the metadata that originally told SketchUp there was a circle or circular arc.


try ‘recurve’, I think it’s one of Fredo’s…


I don’t see a weld anywhere, is that a plug-in?


Yes, it is a plugin. There are variations from several authors. Search the Extension warehouse or sketchUcation plugin store.


Thanks all, I’m really thankful for you guys!