Conect lines



How di I conect lines?


Lines should automatically stick to each other. so long as they haven’t been isolated from one another via groups, or components.

Which if this is the case, then you need to use the explode command in order to get them back into the same standing where they will automatically stick to one another.

Options for using the Solid Tools Union command could override the explode approach, so long as you have solids which can be acted upon.

For the occasion where a curve might have been exploded… you can use a Plugin like Weld to reconnect all of the segments together.

If these don’t work out for you, then either bump up your description as to what you have, or post up a sketchup file so it can be looked at a little more closely.

What I mentioned above should cover most of the sketchUp related geometries… but if your dealing with an imported file, for example, then something else might be in order.


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