How do I merge 2 indistiguishable lines?

My question is how can I forcibly merge 2 overlapping lines, that can not be vissibly distingushed frome one another. These are 2 lines which are ontop of each other, on the same layer. Vissibly they appear to be a single line, however when trying to check for errors and make the line ‘soft’, it is show that there are 2 lines there. I can only assume that the seperation is so small as to be not renderable on screen, but enough that sketchup is not automatically merging the 2 lines as one as desired.

In some case I managed to find some of the lines in my model, by switching to wireframe. But some of the vertices will not move. Is there a way to select a group of vertices and force them to colocate together and thus join together?

From your comment in the other thread it’s not entirely clear what you are having a problem with.
Could you attach the model so we can understand better.
7th icon from the left at the top of the reply window, or drag and drop into the reply.

Kept plugging away at it and found a tool to help. Another one of ThomThom’s extensions had exactly what I needed. His Vertex editor extension. With it I was able to select every vertex in the model, and merge every vertex with seperations below 0.001 meters, which allowed the edges to merge properly and form a proper solid object.


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