Overlapping lines disappear/merge when a DWG-file is imported into Sketchup

Test forum.skp (126.4 KB)


So i’m trying to make a 3D-model based on an dwg-file, i’m working with layers in this dwg-file which sketchup supports nicely. When a dwg-file is imported into sketchup it imports is as a block, no problems until here, but when i explode the block the overlapping lines from different layers disappear when the overlapping layer is turned off (see images below). Off course in this file it is just as easy to draw the missing lines yourself, but when working with a more complex file, it can be quite a hassle to draw those lines in Sketchup.

In the attached file the drawing still is grouped, and it functions exactly as I desire, however when exploded I encounter the mentioned problems.


I could only upload 1 attachment as new user.
so i reply the images.

All layers on

Layer 2 off

Wanted result

Are you sure the problem doesn’t already exist in the DWG file? If so, you can’t expect Sketchup to fix it for you.

When you exploded that imported group, the geometry merged, keeping only one of the edges (with one of the layers).

Thanks @mihai.s, this is exactly what i meant.

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