Divide tool is nowhere to be found

Hi there, I want to create smooth circles and I’ve been taught to do so with the tool ‘divide’, but unfortunately the divide tool is not in my options or anywhere at all… HELP

Divide for things like circles was removed accidentally. Hopefully it’ll be restored but in the meantime, you could just draw your circle with the desired number of sides and get the same end result.

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Ah okay thank you! Hope so too.

How do I draw it with the desired number of sides?

Select the circle tool and before starting to draw it, type the number of sides and press Enter. Or select the circle after drawing it and edit the number of sides in Entity Info.

Out of curiosity, what are you modeling that you want to divide the circle for?

It worked, thanks so much!!

I do interior design and design all sorts of tables : )

OK. So how are you dividing up the circles for your tables?

What do you mean?

Were you using the Dvide feature to make smoother circles for round table tops and that sort of thing? Or for some other purpose?

If I am modeling a round table top or similar I use 98 sides (almost always some multiple of 12) and just set that before I draw the circle for the top.

Yes to smooth table tops and base! I do 100 segments, looks the most smooth to me : ) Thanks for helping me I appreciate it :pray:t3:

How do I set it so that it’s automatically applied?

I recommend some multiple of 12 because that’s easily divisible by 2, 3, 4, and 6. The top on the table here used a 96-sided circle.

Once you set it after selecting the circle tool, it’ll remain set for the SketchUp session unless you change it again.

There isn’t a native way to have the number set automatically for every SketchUp session. There used to be a plugin that would run on startup and make the setting but I don’t know if it’s still available or if it even works in newer versions of SketchUp. The thing is, you don’t want or need those large numbers of sides for small circles.

Ah okay, I’ll use 96 then!

Thanks for all your help :raised_hands:t3:

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