Can't divide a curve/circle

Hi !
When I try to divide a curve, (I have always done it the same way as described on the help page), I can’t split a curve or circle because the option has disappeared.
Any idea how to split a curve without this option, maybe via a keyboard shortcut?

Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:

That feature was removed evidentally by accident. The team is aware of it and working on an update. In the meantime you could change the number of segments for the circle or arc and then explode the curve.

Any Idea how much longer it will take to get the update? I use dived curves in my work many times a day not having this feature is a pain. I would not have up graded if i had known this was an issue.

I know that the problem is fixed in our current internal builds, but I can’t say when the next update will be released. I fear that this issue on its own would not be enough to lead to a special patch release.

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