Connecting Edges

I am using SketchUp for schools and I need to be able to connect multiple line segments in order to make a shape. Anybody know how?

Perhaps you could show us an example? The flippant answer is that you draw edges joining them, but that’s maybe not what you meant…

What is the best way for me to show you my sketchup file? I took a screen shot of it, but if there is a way to attach an image here, i’m missing it…

You can drag-drop an image into the reply window. The same will work with a SketchUp file if it is not bigger than about 10MB.

I think I figured out how to attach an image. Can you see it?

The blue selected line is most of the edge I need for this shape, but there is a tiny piece that won’t connect. I’ve figured out that I use Shift+select to select both pieces, but then can’t find what to do. I tried weld edges but that didn’t seem to work.

In general, you would draw an edge across the gap to close it. I can’t see from the image where the issue is - too small. Can you share the skp file?

I actually think I figured it out! I just selected only two segments using Shift+Select. Then, I right clicked and selected weld edges. I think maybe it wasn’t working before because I was trying to select multiple edges, not just two.

I appreciate you responding so quickly!

Dunia Harmison

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hello, to quickly select a face bounderies/outline :

  • double click on the face, it’ll select your face + its bounderies.
  • click on the face holding shift (or shift + ctrl), to remove it from selection, keeping the outline only.