How can I connect 2 curved lines


I started using Sketchup one week ago, and I can’t figure how to connect both curved lines (in blue) to have the block with triangles filled. Could you help please?

Thank you!


I was doing something similar, so will post it anyway.

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So many ways.

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Oh you guys rock, thanks for the fast replies!

Why do you use the line tool between 0 and 4sec? I don’t have the same behavior here, when I finish drawing the line, the “ground” doesn’t get unselected…

At 8th seconds, when I draw the diagonal back to the base, I only get half of the surface (a triangle) that is filled, not a rectangle like you.

EDIT: ah ok, I wasn’t following the curve edges, works fine thanks again

Drawing in the edge created a face at that point. It didn’t specifically deselect the bottom, it covered it over with a face at a higher level.

@mihai.s I’m struggling at pulling the curve like you did on your recording at sec 21. I can’t move the curve only, it moves the whole block. Plus I can’t move it along red axis, I get “Contraint not appropriate at this time”…

My segment is a curve, it’s written in Entity Info


Could you help?

As I answered you in the private message you sent me, you have to distinguish between Curves and Arc/Circle (they have different properties)

You can choose another method to create that surface, I showed you three possibilities in the previous answers.

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You could also use the Sandbox from Contours tool plus a little cleanup.

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I think if I had to model something like this I would start with Follow Me and create a full round object. Then add the flat on the inside and make a “cutter” to use with the Solid Tools, or better, Eneroth Solid Tools to cut away what I don’t need. I’m guessing you want to 3D print the object and with this method, the object is solid from the first moment it is 3D and all the way through. No clean up required.

Hi KevinKetchup,
In situations like these, I usually use the SANDBOX TOOLS, first icon (DROP-MESH) i.e. create a terrain from a set of sellected edges.