Can you explain how to curve the corner of a slanted 3D shape? Picture attached!


I am learning to use Sketchup for my internship and am having huge (and probably un-neccessary) problems making the edge of this shape (below) curved and with a wall (currently there is a triangular hole). I promise I’ve used numerous youtube videos! I would be so thankful to anyone who can help and have attached the sketchup file in case anyone wants to see it :smile:

Thinking perhaps I’d have to fill the triangular gap then insert it onto the curved corner, I took away this curved triangular frame to inspect if there were any gaps in the line, and I don’t think there are. Bit baffled as to whether follow me works on the above shape and if not how I should fill the curved triangle shape…:

Many, many thanks!

Table leg foot 2nd attempt at corner.skp (78.8 KB)

Did you try drawing the vertical lines using the Line tool?


The push/pull is used with the ctrl key and just out of the gif frame is select all and intersect with selection.


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@Shep Shep thank you so much for your very clear solution to the problem! I am going to do exactly that now and I’ve full faith I’ll finally have the perfect curved corner. Thank you :smile:

@jim_foltz I’m pretty sure I did try that yes, but then when I used follow me the curve extended above the shape/ corner and I couldn’t for the life of me delete the excess part of the wall. Perhaps that’ll be a future query :wink: Many thanks for your response!

As you see there can be many ways to answer a question, how you got there to begin with and what scale you use can change things.Small faces problem etc
But as Jim said above, just join the dots.

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@Box in the end it was your instructions which got me there, thank you! I tried the other suggestion posted here but sadly ‘intersect with selection’ popped up with ‘No intersections found between selection set and the rest of the model’. Therefore simply drawing the lines, and having had someone show me what they meant, solved it.


and @jim_foltz I hadn’t realised what you meant earlier but that’s exactly what I needed to do, thank you :smile: