Help making empire/mansard style roof curve

Hi, I am a 2D artist trying to get some experience with 3D and am very new at Sketchup Free (a couple days). I am trying to make an empire/mansard style roof with the corner edges curved inward, and I can’t figure out if there’s a way to curve edges or not. Attached is my in-progress Sketchup file. You can see my 2D concepts I’m trying to replicate on the Google doc I link to below, it won’t let me upload more than one media attachment to this post as a newbie. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Pinocchio’s House.skp (198.9 KB)

Edit: to clarify, I’m just going to be using this as a reference for more 2D artwork, so I don’t really care if the 3D geometry is “correct” or usable as a 3D asset as long as it is solid enough for shadows to display properly once it’s all done

Draw the profile on a rectangular base like in the image below.
Then apply the ‘Follow Me’ tool on 1 and 2 in that order.

Select 1, then the tool and click with the tool on 2

The result will be:

How do I make a shape like #2 in your image? I can’t figure out how to make anything but rectangles, circles, and other standard polygons. How do I make that curved edge?

One option would be:


Ok I’ve got this, how do I detach the part I don’t want? when I select it and hit delete, it deletes the whole rectangle

You’ve also selected the arc, that is why. It is needed for the face on the left.
Just delete the two edges that are selected.

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Ah thank you!

So I thought I used the follow me tool right, but now I think it’s inside out. I’ve tried to follow tutorials on the follow me tool and I keep struggling with it

Tripple click on the geometry (to select all connected geometry) and right click on the selection, then select ‘Reverse Faces’ in the context menu.

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Thank you! That worked! But then I also realized my rectangular prism had disappeared from the bottom, so I tried follow me again with that fixed, and it extruded right-side out properly the first time. Thank you so much for you help with this problem!

Whenever you have a coplanar loop of edges without a face, you can trace one edge to recreate the face again.

Ah, good to know, I just tested that and it works, thanks!

I’ve got my roof, thanks again! (I decided I wanted the roof more dramatically curved so I had to scale part of it that’s why I ended up with that line around it)

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