Drawing troubles

I want to draw the corner posts from this Urn, but I keep getting open faces that I can’t close because of the curved shape.Savanah-Wood-Cremation-Urn_1486069155_20191023052801_2

I would draw those using Follow Me. Draw the shape of the cutout on one face and sweep it around two sides.


I don’t know how to use that tool yet. I’m still learning most of the basics.

Start with this:


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Awesome! I play around with it. Thank you.

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Just a note that might not be clear from that link is that Follow Me can be subtractive, as you need for the leg, or it can be additive making it useful for creating moldings or turnings.


Awesome. I’m getting back into custom wood working. This will definitely come in handy
Thank you.

Great. FWIW, if you are doing this as your business you’ll want to look at Sketchup Shop or SketchUp Pro.

By the way, your profile says you are using 2017 Free(Web) which doesn’t exist. Maybe 2017 Make?

Yes, I’m using 2017 make. I’m using the free version because I’m on a fixed income from SSDI. If the shop can start producing money then I’ll probably look into purchasing a better version.

2017 Make is the last Free Desktop version, since then the Free Web version has evolved and has some significant differences.

So you have your Profile set to show
Sketchup Free (Web)
when infact you have
Sketchup 2017 Make (desktop).

This causes confusion when we answer questions as the two platforms are different.

To avoid confusion can you adjust your profile to show 2017 Make. I would also help if you filled in the Graphic card info, you can find this from inside sketchup by going Window/Preferences/OpenGl and click the button for Card Details. This also helps us diagnose issues.

Nice videos!