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Hello everyone,

I am trying to make a 3d visualisation from a project that I am working on using sketchup and enscape 3d.
I am having alot of trouble applying textures to the right faces because the faces do not generate right and I got no idea why. Please help.

Before I imported my cad file into sketchup I followed the tutorial on how to import .dwg files.
All the lines seem fine and ive made sure multiple times that all lines are closed in autocad.
To create the faces after importing the .dwg file I used multiple extensions from the extension warehouse but all of them had the exact same outcome.
Theres alot of Z fighting when I add textures to some of the faces but besides the Z fighting the tools I tried to make the faces seemed to ignore some of the lines too and make it all one big face which I dont want to happen since they need different texture on them. This might mean theres gaps in the lines but I have checked this in autocad made sure everything was closed and I have also downloaded a sketchup extension to detect open lines and fix them but this still did not seem to fix my situation.

At this point I got no idea how I could fix this or what the exact problem is. Please help me!

Thanks in advance,

Daan Jansen

Ps, Couldnt find a button to upload the files if you send me a message I could send them to you.


The button is the 7th from the left at the top of the reply window. Looks like a bar with an up arrow.



There is a size limit though.


test.skp (2.1 MB)

Here is the .skp file


test.dwg (343.7 KB)

And here is the .dwg file


Thanks for the tip i uploaded the .skp and the .dwg could you please take a look at it. I am completely lost at the moment.


If anyone has an alternative way of getting the faces right that is also very welcome!


The importer brought the dwg in as a single component and did not intersect the faces inside that component with each other, hence the z-fighting. Depending on what you want do do with the model, one way to repair it is to open the dwg component for edit, select all, and then right-click->Intersect Faces with->Selection. This operation may take a while, so be patient, but afterward the faces will be separated.

On another note, as often happens on dwg imports, your model is not using SketchUp’s layers appropriately. SU layers do not isolate geometry, groups and components do that. Your model has about half of its edges and faces associated with other than layer0. All edges and faces should be associated with layer0, and only groups or components should use other layers.


OK. Have looked at the SU file. You get Z fighting when you have one or more surfaces on top of another. So I can select surfaces in your model and delete them which gets rid of the Z fighting. However, that then leaves you with a surface with lines on it that do not delineate a discrete surface. This often happens and may mean that the lines are not coplanar with the surface. Sometimes, they are coplanar and then all you have to do is to draw over an existing line and the discrete surfaces will behave.


I get what your saying and that is a solution to the problem but looking at the scale of this drawing and the amount of curved lines and thin surfaces it is not really worth my time fixing every surface manually.
But thanks for trying to help


I have tried your suggestion on how to repair it. But it left me with this test.skp (862.1 KB)
It doesnt seem like what you ment.


This may help:


As a starting point you could try and use the “make face” extension and then do some cleanup from there. select all and use the “make face” takes a lot of the manual work of retracing lines to make faces.

test(2).skp (1.7 MB)


Hmm… From what I can see, all the vertices are nicely on z=0 plane, that isn’t the issue. But there are a number of tiny glitches that are keeping SketchUp from handling faces as it should. For example:


I suspect these happened when SketchUp imported circles or arcs from the dwg using SketchUp’s segmented representation. Because the segments only lie on the true circle at their endpoints, other items that intersected the circle in the dwg don’t necessarily intersect the segments after import (the equivalent also happens on 3D export!).

Try the techniques the others have suggested and see whether they help. Alas, the only fix for some of these may be very tedious erasing of glitches and redrawing.


Thanks for your help and everyone elses too, After ive done your fix of intersecting faces with selection all I had to do was update the surfaces and they all fixed themselves

I still dont get what exaclty was causing the problems it could have been that I just drew it very poorly in autocad or maybe it was just sketchup but at least all the faces are in the right spots now.

Again thanks for the help and the very quick responses from everyone.


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