Autocad file imported into sketchup

i’m a student in belgium in the garden architecture and my examens are in januari. No i have a problem with skp… I imported e dwg file into sketchup so the files comes in as lines. No i wanted to create faces with “closing all edges” and “makeface” but the most edges couldn’t close. if i point on the unclosed edge it sais: “no solution”…
help me pleace

I only use Autocad in SU as a reference… remember, it’s better if you build everything in layer 0 and once you are done you make a group/component and then you move it to a specific layer.
If you model using AutoCAD those lines could be in different layers and when you turn on/off layer some of the faces may go off/on depending on the layers.

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I’m not sure where you are getting “closing all edges” and “makeface”. Those aren’t built-in SketchUp operations so I assume they are from some extension but I don’t know which one so I can’t suggest an answer specific to that extension.

Have you tried ThomThom’s EdgeTools2 from the Extension Warehouse? Small gaps between edges are a very common problem in imported dwg’s and are one of the things this extension is specifically designed to address.


As well as small gaps in CAD edges stopping face formation, if your edges are not coplanar then no amount of such work will get them to have a face.
Three edges with shared vertices, forming a triangle will always ‘face’.
If your edges are not coplanar, then try drawing some diagonal lines to form triangles which should then get faces…
To see the vertices better use a Style with ‘end-points’ checked and drawn between them.
After getting the faces made, if you don’t want to see the new diagonal edges use Erase+Ctrl to ‘smooth’ them.
They’ll be visible in View > Hidden Geometry ON, but otherwise you’ll have a smoothed 3d surface which accepts materials as if it were one face.


as you say, these are extension: “make face” is a part of the “suforyou” extension, the other one i don’t know because we got it from school.
Thanks for the tip, i’m going to try the extension you say.

thanks a lot
you probably saved my exams

sorry for bothering again…, maybe if i import the file here sombody could help me, i think i tried everything, but it still doesn’t work. the skp file is to big, so this is the cad file.
i hope somebody can help me
i don’t want to fail my exam :frowning:

vloerplan.dwg (1.1 MB)

I imported your DWG and got lots of coplanar edges [so that’s not a major issue!], but there are lots of complex outlines, small gaps and short edges from overlaps - these prevent faces forming.
The CAD was somewhat sloppily drawn !

The partially faced SKP [which is attached in a ZIP to get the size down] has faces where they’ll form readily, and a few ‘healed’ corner issues too etc.
I’ll leave the rest to you… (2.2 MB)

I had a try too. I just imported the DWG, drew a large rectangle onto it, and exploded. Some parts cut quite OK, but, as TIG said, the rest has quite a lot of small flaws . (1.8 MB)
I also tried another approach: I used the Sandbox from Contours tool on an exploded import. It results in a zillion hidden triangles but is otherwise quite complete. The result is too large (more than 100 megabytes) to post here, but you can easily try it yourself. It takes at least a half an hour to run.

hey everyone,
i just finished it, i used the edge tools and the edge gaps with no solution i’ve corrected manually. i deleted the parking lots because they were a big problem. it took a lot of time, but it worked.
Thanks for al the help.

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