Import DWG file to SketchUp - no closed face

I’m importing a simple model (only border of area) from DWG to SketchUp.
In the sketchup file it’s apear as a group of edges and not as a closed face.
Please your support.

I don’t think there is a way to import closed face to SketchUp.
To fix this, draw intersecting lines as shown below and delete unnecessary lines.

@filibis, you can import faces in a .dwg or .dxf only if it had faces when exported…

it will also retain curves, circles and arcs, but can return two of each if the original was from SU…

have a look at this 3D_face.dwg (11.7 KB)



Retracing an Edge with the Line tool heals a missing face.
So does haphazardly drawing lines across perfectly good geometry, then erasing the dross.
Neither approach is very efficient.

Try this…
MakeFaces v.1.400 by Todd

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[details=SketchUp User Guide Links for CAD Import and Export …]
SketchUp User Guide

Thanks. but there is nothing shown …

There is for me. A video showing drawing edges across the geometry to cause it to form faces.

Try refreshing the page.
Sometimes it greys out and you can’t click play (for some reason).
Alternatively right click to the video area and save it to play on your desktop.

Thanks! Its work!

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