How do I automatically fill faces on a object imported from autocad?


I have an object which I imported from autocad and I need to fill some faces which are not coplanar but doing it manually will take a long time. How can I close them without having to draw intermediate lines between?
2336d0-0-bathtub.dwg (1.6 MB)


Here’s a similar topic with some good answers.


Hello, I have seen the topic and I couldn’t find a way to use makefaces plugin. Drawing an instersecting line works, but it is gonna take a long time. Is there a way to close them all easily?



What faces are you referring to? I imported it and it came in fine… Post some screenshots to help us further help.


I think you’re probably exporting it from AutoCAD wrong. Try some different file formats like collada (.dae) or something. Doesn’t AutoCAD give you some options on filetypes to export? Also, check export settings to check for something related to faces.