Is there a way to automatically fill all the faces of an imported CAD file?

I am doing a model of a site from the imported terrain countours I have in Autocad. Is there a way to fill the faces automatically? There are very small gaps which I have to keep filling over and over, which makes it very time consuming. I wonder if there is any way to fill it more easily. Thanks

How about using the Sandbox from Contours tool?

I can create the faces, but it’s created as a smoothed/curved surface and I can’t push/pull it.

If you just want to create faces automatically, then you could try the plugin -
But as your example looks, it should be better if you arrange those very close edges that intersect each other.

You can push pull a curved surface, if you need

Eneroth seems to be the best option, altough there is one or two gaps it didn’t fill. Thanks

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Thom thom’s edge tools can close gaps.

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Check out The Learning Center Landscaping course. Has a list of tools to use plus a great tutorial.

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