AutoCAD Closed Polyline Not Importing as Face in SU

Hi Everyone, I have a set of closed Polylines in AutoCAD that I’m trying to import into Sketchup. All but 1 imports fine and creates a face, but the last one won’t create a face. The lines are too complicated to trace over to create a face. Please help! I have uploaded the CAD, Sketchup, and a screenshot showing the area that isn’t importing. Please help! I have looked at many of the other topics on this forum, but none of the solutions I’ve found there helps me. Thank you!

Sketchup Help.dwg (743.7 KB)

Sketchup Help.skp (6.6 MB)

surface-02.skp (303.1 KB)


Thank you @mihai.s, that does it.

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So, did you find a tiny gap in the SKP? I did?


Zoom further…


Then zoom right in…


Hello, @IanT!

There was no gap either in DraftSight nor pCon.planner (for SKP export).

In SketchUp 8, I just drew those lines to create the surfaces, as shown in the clip. I did not look for any gaps, because they all correctly closed (even the islands).

You’re welcome, sklein!

Hi Mihai,

Well, I’m baffled. I only got the face using the OPs file in 2019 after I fixed the gap. I also got the gap when I imported the DWG into SketchUp myself.

My eyes looking at the DWG Draftsight


Zoom right in on that part…


My eyes on the DWG in QCad


Zoom right in again, there’s still a gap…


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