Help Needed: Importing AutoCAD into SketchUp


I’m having trouble importing AutoCAD files into SketchUp—they’re not generating faces despite trying various extensions and checking edges thoroughly.

Another issue I’m facing is that when I import the file the scale is messed up, even though I’ve made sure the units are the same on both files.

Could someone assist me in resolving this issue or offer guidance on importing AutoCAD walls into an existing SketchUp model? Alternatively, tracing assistance would be really appreciated.

If anyone is willing to give it a try I could send the files, lmk!

I look forward to a response!

If your file isn’t to private you could post it. Or else an example, with some AutoCad walls?

You must check that all the lines are coplanar and that there aren’t any gaps, a plugin called edge tools will show you the gaps.

It’s my project so it is kind of private, but if anyone is willing to help I don’t mind sending it on private.

Thank you for your suggestion. I have the base of the floor plan on sketchup with the exterior walls raised, My issue is that I designed the interior walls on AutoCAD, and I thought that I could just import and merge the lines. Some parts have faces but even then they can’t be raised and aren’t functional.

I’m happy to take a look and just sent you a pm.

I’m not sure where the pm is, could let me know where I could reply to you?

This is new to me too.

When you go to the menu at the top right:

You’ll find My Posts. That’s where you receive messages :innocent:.

I figured it out thank you :smile:

A had a quick look at your Sketchup model, which doesn’t look to bad, at all.

There are blue walls and white walls (which is the default texture). By reversing the texture of the blue walls, the walls become oriented the proper way.

Grouping in advance, before you export, is important because now many elements are sticking together. This you should avoid, I think, by grouping before exporting.

It’s getting late though, over here. I’ll be happy to take a closer look next week.

Thank you so much. I truly appreciate it, I’ll have a go at your suggestion and let you know :grinning:

As mentioned it was getting a bit late yesterday.

I’ve now imported the dwg into a sketchup file (metric, centimeters) but I don’t see any issues with the scale.

The drawing does need some work though.

As quite a few lines overlap instead of intersect. Which is strange, because Sketchups default behaviour is that overlapping lines automatically intersect. This must be due to the fact the model is imported.

It turns out there is quite a simple way to resolve this. Cut and paste in place.

But I also found gaps, so depending on how accurate you want to model there is some cleaning up to do. Considering this is the basis of your model it’s worthwhile spending some time on this, to avoid running into trouble later on.

And remember grouping in Sketchup (or creating components) is the way to separate geometry.

EDIT: Another important rule of thumb is to make sure to UNTAG ALL RAW GEOMETRY, and only tag your groups and components. Don’t deviate from this rule unless you know exactly why you need to do so. It will make life a lot easier.

Have you also set the Import units in the Import Options dialog to the same?

Yes I’ve checked but the dwg file looks significantly small compared to the sketchup model

Sorry, my bad. The units were somehow already set properly when I imported.

First choose which ever metric template you prefer. Units for the file you sent need to be set to meters in the Import Options dialog.

Heyy I figured it out, the face works perfect now.

Thank you so much :smile: