How to convert an autocad file into Sketchup model

I have imported auto cad .dwg file
After saving it as an .skp file, does Sketchup now treat it as an image, if so is it possible to convert it to a Sketchup model ?

Gates1.skp (2.6 MB)

It is a SketchUp model after import. All of the lines from the .dwg become SketchUp edges. There are no faces in your model, though so you would need to create those to make it 3D. Most people seem to use imported CAD files as a guide for modeling rather than trying to use the imported lines. Often in CAD files the line work isn’t coplanar so faces won’t form without triangulation. There are also often small gaps and overruns that create problems. If you look closely at your file you will also see all kinds of lines that create confusion. You would need to deal with those.

Looked up coplanar, meaning in the same plane, thanks for explaining that, when i trace over the external walls using the line tool and click on the end point do you know why i get the results shown below ?Gates2.skp (2.6 MB)

Do you mean the blue faces filling in? That’s supposed to happen when you close a loop of coplanar edges (there’s that word again) or when you trace an edge with the Line tool. They are really the same as the faces you create with tools such as Rectangle or Circle. You need those faces before you can take the model 3D.

It sounds to me as if you should be spending time going through the SketchUp Fundamentals before you get too deep into this.

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Yes i meant the blue face filling in, thanks for your replies anyway i will go through the fundamentals to learn more.

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There is also a good training session on Sketchup Campus on preparing DWG files for import into Sketchup. It’s very useful as it outlines how such things as AutoCAD Groups are imported as Components, which can help later on in Sketchup.

Hopefully this link should work to direct you there.

Definitely worth spending time looking through it, as it can save you time once the DWG is in Sketchup.



Hello Mike

Thank you for suggesting this training resource / session, it’s exactly what I need, it’s is really appreciated.

Many thanks