Extrude from DWG

Good morning, I imported the prospects of a building from autocad 2013 but can not be extruded.
I tried to trace the lines of the imported file but does not appear face to extrude.

thank you

Usually when you import a DWG, the imported lines are inside a group. Did you enter the group or explode it before starting tracing?


I explode the drawing then refresher lines but do not appear to extrude the faces.
I do not understand why

Can you post your model here?

Usually, if faces don’t form, there are errors in the imported linework, like small gaps in corners or then the lines are slightly off-axis so that the resulting face would not be coplanar.


simulazione sole.skp (264.9 KB)

That’s the model.
How do I find out about these errors?

You cannot extrude lines; you have to extrude faces/surfaces.

I think you will find that when you imported, it was just lines on a flat plane - you need to turn these lines into the edges of shapes before you can extrude them.

How should I do?

Personally I only use imported drawings as guides and “snap to” points rather than trying to join dots and form surfaces from imported geometry - I’ve found it much quicker.than playing about with existing lines.

sempre in formato dwg?

When you triple-click on a line in SketchUp, all connected lines get selected. Try that in your model, and you’ll see that some lines don’t select. Zoom in a lot on one of the places where a line that is not selected appears to be joined to a line that is selected. You’ll see that the two lines are not joined.

Another thing to notice is that if you look from the side, and zoom in a lot, there are lines at different amounts off the ground. You somehow created the DWG as 3D, and not 2D.

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Use the Text Tool on the endpoints.
The default text is the x,y,z coordinates of the point.

You might find the Query Tool is faster and easier for finding such errors.
It is part of the Utilities Tools extension
Utilities Tools — SketchUp Extension Warehouse

A face cannot be created unless the surrounding edges are coplanar.
Some of the edges in the file you shared are not coplanar.

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Not always.

But when this happens there are plugins that will fix non-coplanar edges.

Here is one:
Flatten to Plane v1.2 by TIG — SketchUcation Plugin Store


Try this useful plugin after you have made all the edges coplanar.
MakeFaces v.1.400 by Todd Burch — Smustard.com

Go to: harwoodpodcast.com and search for “sketchup” then look for “Sketchup #24” and Sketchup #50". These are two excellent video tutorials on how to create floor plans from an existing 2d plan that you have imported. Hope this helps.