DWG Won't Extrude

I am new to Sketchup but am loving it so far.

I need to create models that include standard structural steel shapes.

I have imported both dwg and dxf files from AutoCad in 2020 format as well as R12 format.

The object comes in no problem but I can not make faces out of the linework so that I can extrude them.

Tried welding the small line segments together but still does not work.

Selected import coplaner and still no help.

I am desperate and could really use some help.HSS 2x2x0.250.dwg (93.9 KB)

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Another approach would be to use the Eneroth Face Creator extension, then the Weld Edges option.

OK Guys I am completely blown away.
I can’t believe I have gotten two GREAT fixes
almost instantly.

I can not thank both of you enough.
You guys solved what was a huge problem for me.

Thank you both.