Trouble creating a face from imported 2d dwg file

After some guidance! I have imported a 2D DWG file of a universal beam outline that I would like to push pull to make into a column component. I have welded edges and grouped but I cannot manage to create a face to push/pull. What am I missing here?

your edges most likely are not coplaner…

Thanks Paul, novice response… I understand what you mean but as far as I can tell they are…what is the best way to check

In AutoCAD there is a FLATTEN command… is there a similar tool in SU?

There isn’t, but others might chime in with some techniques ( and describe them more easily than me ) that could sort out your issue.

What I might do is create a plane on axis either above or below the edgework (lines) and then draw edges up along the blue axis to intersect with the plane, redraw the outline on the plane and then delete unwanted faces and edges…


File relating to topic…
2d Column import.skp (349.5 KB)

it was coplaner…

2d_Column_solid.skp (369.8 KB)

you just needed to create the face by drawing a temporary edge between two points and then deleting it

Many thanks Paul… I thought the edges were all connected and that would create the face… Again Novice Question…How did you work out the need to draw the edge between the two points?

That’s how it works… I can’t remember how I found out - such a long time ago!

Not a built in command, but there is an extension on the Extension Warehouse - Eneroth Flatten to Plane.

A dwg import results in edge only, no faces.
This result here is a close loop of coplanar edges
Redrawing any of its edges will have SketchUp create a face supported by the loop of edges.

Drawing an edge between any two endpoint in the loop also creates a face(s) but may need you to clean up some redundant new edges due to intersection with other edges.

Just try with the shape you have.